are you ready to be uruoi? 

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U - series is for all skin types where it is designed to supplement your hydration level to fulfill all your skin concerns such as dryness,loss of firmness, lack of radiance, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone and more. We have picked 3 items that we think it’s best to use for each skin type. Fulfill hydration, blessing and fulfillment to your routine, your skin, your body, and your life. Share us your #uruoiskin 

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My skin type is…

Oily   |   Normal   |   Combination   |   Dry Skin   |   Sensitive


header text oily skin
face cleanser bottle and box face up on white background face cleanser bottle standing on its cap in front of black paper skincare essence on its side leaning off a white block


header text normal skin
skin toner bottle laying on side with white styrofoam balls closeup of repair essence outer packaging white moisturizer on its side face up on top of a white wood block


header text combination skin
face cleanser bottle standing upright on a wood block white repair essence outer packaging laying on side on white background
closeup of face moisturizer box on its side face up on top of white wood block


skincare essence bottle on its side with the cap off and box next to it moisturizer box laying flat on a white background moisturizer container on top of a white stone


header text sensitive skin
face cleanser bottle standing upright in front of a white background
skin moisturizer bottles lined up in a row on a white backgroundface cream bottle next to a white rock on a white background